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(Fionna And Cake)Marshall Lee. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 3 1 Bunny Egg Day. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 5 1 Not Again. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 3 1 GIVE IT SOME LOVE. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 5 1 (Request)Lapis N Bill Fusion Thing. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 8 4 I'm A Good Person, Sir. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 3 1 Dennis. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 5 0 (Meme)Sketch Vs Finished Work Meme. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 3 3 (Meme)Sketch Lineart Meme. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 4 3 (Meme)The I Bet You Can't Do It Meme. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 1 0 (Meme)Smiles Meme. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 3 0 Bubble. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 2 4 A Better Bubble With Black Back. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 4 3 Bubble I Wish I Didn't Use Green As The Back. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 6 0 How Do I Make Friends? :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 5 0 I Don't, I.. I Don't Know. :iconnotthatperfect:NotThatPerfect 2 43


(Head Shot Only With Small Canavas Size)Animal Or Human.
I'm not perfect, but I try my best, I'm better at draw animal, and I'm broke so yeah.

Btw I'm new to this type of stuff so sorry.



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Artist | Other
hello, I'm am a 10-15 year old and I don't really know what to do.
Info: I do a lot of Eddsworld fanart and other as well, and I draw a lot of my OC and I live in a desert and I like flower crown, flower crown are cool, and I have a "lover", and I'm depressing human being, that do dumb OC Art and fanart.

Flower crown are the best.
Text faces are the best.

Stalk me at… for traditional art and random short videos

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(づ。ᐛ 。)づ Bless me.

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Trash  Bullet; Black = About me info, Bullet; Yellow = Oc info thing, and Bullet; Pink = Others.

Bullet; Black Name - Denise.H
Bullet; Black Pronouns - She/her/then/it/they/banana/he/his/helicopter/asshole (Honestly I don't care)
Bullet; Black Taken or Single - "taken by the most "emo-est? ness?" kid in the school" Divorce. by NotThatPerfectEdit: *Single
Bullet; Black Pen or Pencil - both
Bullet; Black Blue Pill or Red Pill - both
Bullet; Black Cold or Hot Cold or Hot - both
Bullet; Black Tattoos or Piercings - both
Bullet; Black Coke or Pepsi - both, wait what
Bullet; Black Favourite Colour(s) - royal blue n shamrock
Bullet; Black Favourite Food - potato (yes, I'm serious)
Bullet; Black Favourite Song - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have a lot
Bullet; Black Favourite Family member - my c-ooousin
Bullet; Black Favourite Gamer(Youtuber) - the kubbzzzz scouts baby (what the fish is wrong with me)
Bullet; Black Favourite Season - fall
Bullet; Black ??? - I'm very lonely.

Bullet; Yellow My Oc Stuff. by NotThatPerfect Mew. by NotThatPerfect I Forget I Made This. by NotThatPerfect

Bullet; Yellow Name: Denise (No H)
Bullet; Yellow Sex: Female
Bullet; Yellow Nickname: Hell's Teacup (but no one call her that) 
Bullet; Yellow Eye Colour(s): dark green
Bullet; Yellow Hair Colour(s): dark brown
Bullet; Yellow Favourite Food: nachos chip
Bullet; Yellow Favourite Drink: BANANA MLIK SHAKE
Bullet; Yellow Second Favourite Drink: 100% mango juice
Bullet; Yellow Third Favourite Drink: fresh-made fruity milk shake and smoothie
Bullet; Yellow Allergies: allergic to coconut

Well that end I'm too lazy

Bullet; Yellow  Ducklings. by NotThatPerfect Love. by NotThatPerfect Meow. by NotThatPerfect Welp I Suck At Keeping Track. by NotThatPerfect
Bullet; Yellow Name: Sunny Martini Huǒ
Bullet; Yellow Sex: Male

Bullet; Yellow Nickname: "Tini" but prefer to not be call anything
Bullet; Yellow Fact: this is probably one of my oldness Oc I kept, I think he like 1 year and a half old, older then Denise, Denise is like 7 months old.
That all I get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Bullet; Pink Why Did You Started Deviantart: Because I was sad and a lonely potato, and I wanted to show my art and ideas and have attention and make friend and well I just wanted some friend, I never show my art to a lot people..., and I wanted to share my thought and opinion and I just wanted to talk to people honestly this sounds 7 year talking unrealized thing but I'm just very lonely.
Bullet; Pink Quick Take a Screenshot!: J by NotThatPerfectjunk.
Bullet; Pink BEST PONY: :iconhappyderpyplz: derp horse.
Bullet; Pink Best People: the crazy once.

Bullet; Pink I probably going to edit more in to this but so far you get this.

Feel free to ask me question.


(Fionna And Cake)Marshall Lee.
I made this a long time a go but why I didn't post it because I hate the neck and I do this in a very small canvas.

Marshall Lee from Adventure Time
Adventure Time belong to Pendleton Ward
The last thing you just ate it was POISON by what I don't know,
But you should make a antidote before it's too late IMing: Evil Laugh,

But just one question who do you think poison your the last thing you ate and why,

but if you don't know anybody that is willing to poison you, tell everybody how you made your antidote so you can save people that ate the same thing as you did.
You know I'm bored, and lonely potato.

So ask me something.


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